Oxigen is a Brand Communications and Sponsorship Management agency offering PR, social media, marketing, graphic design, sponsorship procurement and sponsorship management expertise.

Although Oxigen has its origins in public relations, we believe that traditional media relations have become just one part of the story. In today’s marketing landscape it has become crucial to engage with your audience across multiple platforms. Oxigen’s various divisions are able to help our clients navigate these platforms and use them effectively.


Our mission is to ensure that sponsorships deliver tangible returns that are in line with your business objectives.

We navigate the ever changing local marketing landscape to capitalise on and build sponsorship investments and partnerships.

Our customised approach ensures that the brands we secure drive the bottom line and add to the future security of organisations and events.

Our sponsorship team provides services that include sponsorship strategy, property identification, negotiation and evaluation.

Working in conjunction with our Brand Communication division we are able to carry out content generation, campaign strategy, event management and activation, publicity and social media management to ensure that our clients are able to maximise all the opportunities available through their chosen sponsorship.

How We Do It
  • Property identification, negotiation and evaluation
  • Securing Sponsorships
  • Sponsorship Strategies
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Leveraging
  • Partner Mixing

Our Brand Communications division works with brands across a broad variety of industries from sport, entertainment and lifestyle to medical, manufacturing and technology.

Our brand communications team has a proven track record for delivering campaigns across multiple platforms and implementation according to creative and effective strategies.

Our design studio produces the marketing collateral needed to create the right brand image alongside content that will touch and delight your audiences.

Our experienced strategists incorporate content marketing with both above and below the line PR activities to ensure market awareness for your brand.

We work with the latest social and digital media tools to engage brands with audiences.
Our digital marketing team strives to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in order to deliver social media engagement that will strengthen brand loyalty and drive revenue.

How We Do It
  • PR strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Publicity and media management
  • Advertising management
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design