Earlier this year, Mpumalanga based Security Company , CSC Tactical, committed to recycling 2.8 million liters of water per year. To help them reach their goal, SewTreat provided them with an innovative wastewater management solution.


CSC Tactical is a well-known security company with their head office based in Witbank and has recently moved to a new site which is a busy hub of activity comprising a function venue for hire, a large office space and overnight facilities for their security guards. Piet Cromhout, owner of CSC Tactical, identified the need for recycled water at the new site for irrigation and washing company vehicles. In addition this, Cromhout says that they were concerned about the effect that the current drought would have on their operations as they are dependent on  boreholes which created a water security risk that needed to be mitigated.


“Previously we had septic tanks installed but needed a solution that would allow us to  recycle and reuse as much water as possible to alleviate the need we have for our borehole water. SewTreat was the logical choice in providing us with this solution as their plants also ticked the boxes of low maintenance, low energy consumption and having an installation that was aesthetically pleasing” says Cromhout.


SewTreat conducted a site visit at the CSC Tactical premises to determine what their daily water consumption is. They found that CSC Tactical’s maximum water use is 7500 litres per day and proposed an underground 7500L plant from their DIY range. “This particular plant would be easy to install and maintain, uses minimal energy and provides recycled water that is safe to use for non-potable purposes,” explains SewTreat spokesman, Theunis Coetzer. In addition to this, says Coetzer, the plant is installed underground which means it can be covered with plants which some clients find is a more visually attractive option.


The way that the plant installed will work is illustrated below:


SewTreat implements the latest advancements in sustainable wastewater treatment which they combine with their own bacterial strains developed in-house. This helps homeowners and businesses to add an eco-friendly solution for recycling of black and grey water with efficient and affordable wastewater treatment solutions. “Our motto is to treat nature with nature through sustainable engineering solutions. This is evident in the biological technology in our plants and in their modular designs which makes them extremely easy to install and maintain – which is always a major concern,” says Coetzer.


Coetzer concludes by saying: “CSC Tactical is now able to recycle 2.8 million liters of water per year, which is commendable. They are truly environmentally responsible and an example to all local businesses of how they should take responsibility of their environmental footprint.”