About Oxigen

Oxigen Communications helps brands consolidate their marketing activities by offering all the marketing services they need under one roof. This creates an opportunity to develop complete strategies with streamlined implementation by a team working together towards the same objectives. This allows for better use of budget, consistency and a quicker execution.

What we do

Driven by a true passion for our clients and for making a real difference to their business, Oxigen is an integrated marketing agency, working with local and international businesses that are innovators in their fields. We understand how to create relevant market awareness, implement disruptive thinking and drive conversion for business growth. Our multi-skilled service offering listed below illustrates our areas of expertise. We ensure we tailor-make strategies driven through these channels that are measurable, effective, and real


Our team is deeply committed to their work and our clients. We take an ‘All In’ approach that makes us take on tasks differently. Rather than working for an agency who services various clients, our team see themselves as part of your business. We are a smaller agency that is proud to put out the same volume of work than those with larger staff complements – we achieve this by functioning in the only way we know how – by being #Allin.

How we work

Approach to Tasks:

When you are all in, no task is too daunting, too far out of your comfort zone or coming too late at night. Whether you win or fail, you are not on the fence about what you are here to do. Regardless of the outcome you are all the way in it. It is when you are on the fence that it is all so much harder. From newcomers to senior partners, everyone jumps in to give their all on all every task to ensure that we blend urgency with excellence.

Client Relationships:

Being all in means truly buying into what your clients are doing. Every person at Oxigen actively advocates for our clients’ causes and campaigns. We seek out clients who can be all in with us, to partner with our team, to build personal relationships with us and to reach a place of mutual respect where we understand each other’s points of view. In a day and age where real value seems to take the backseat more often than not, we have made the internal commitment to oppose this externally.

Failing Forward:

There are no half measures and although we, like any other agency or individuals make mistakes, we do it with an all-in mindset. If you are unsure about what your purpose is or what you want to achieve, every time something goes wrong it’s painful. But once you decide you are all in, passion replaces fear. Then when things go wrong, we see is as another chance to get it right and in this, failure becomes opportunity.