How will COVID-19 impact the business continuity of your frontline teams?

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Fact Sheet

Digicall’s, a BPO Services company has a scalable, effective model for business continuity for Contact Centre’s in the banking, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecoms business sectors.

  • Their solutions provide clients with low levels of downtime when contact centres must face closure due to staff testing positive for Covid-19 and the impact it has on customer care services and productivity.
  • Digicall’s efficient model allows them to take over the contact centre operations of a client off site, while the client takes care of the safety of their staff and ensures proper sanitising of the contaminated contact centre, until such time that the client can resume operations.
  • The service is seamless and does not impact service delivery and customer care. Digicall can switch to home advisors to assist clients with the continuation of their operations.
  • Their data encryption services and desktop monitoring software ensures that clients can rest assured that data sharing is safe and secure. Digicall is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP) who has worked with top insurance companies and banks for many years.
  • Scalability is fast due to their online training capabilities which allows for the remote training of advisors while working from home.
  • The reputational risk of downtime and the impact on customer service is a key concern for clients.


Top 10 things you should know about Digicall:

  1. Known for their efficiency.
  2. The ability to retain clients’ service levels and reputations.
  3. Have recently provided this service to a leading bank.
  4. Clients trust them with access to their systems.
  5. Clients trust them with sensitive customer information.
  6. They own the technology needed to implement quickly and cost-effectively.
  7. You pay per call and only if you use the service.
  8. Innovative support during Covid-19.
  9. Making use of advanced data encryption technology and desktop monitoring software to ensure the safe and secure sharing of data.
  10. Well trained team (advisors) to pick up and run with various businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Which other areas can Digicall work with? 

Any company providing contact centre services in the banking, insurance, retail, telecoms and vehicle tracking sectors. Companies that have over 50 people sitting together in a contact centre handling customer care, claims and incident management services.

  1. What is the level of productivity Digicall CCS can produce? 

We maintained 80/20 service levels for our clients, despite taking over the calls of a large bank that had to close due to Covid-19.

  1. What can clients expect from you? 

Digicall can help clients in these Covid-19 emergencies by reducing operational downtime. Our tried and tested technology, together with well-trained advisors enables us to provide Work From Home (WFH) contact centre services at short notice, allowing clients to remain open for business.

  1. What is the most important information clients should know? How seamless the process is?We were up and running within 4 hours of receipt of the request from one of the top 5 banks in South Africa. We were able to set up 450 advisors to work from home within a week as requested by a health services provider in the UK. Teams were trained and available to start working remotely within one week.
  • The biggest benefit for our clients is business continuity and productivity and client satisfaction?Clients have a seamless service transition to Digicall, without any gaps in brand awareness or downtime.
  • What processes/tools are used for fast and efficient setup?Digicall has 70% of its staff already working from home. They have a partnership with agencies that facilitate quick digital online recruitment. They have E-learning systems for online remote training. Productivity is measured through reliable technology to monitor, coach and quality assure remote staff.
  1. What do clients need to do to sign up? 

Contact Digicall for an assessment of your business requirements which will determine which services Digicall will be able to can provide since we do a case by case assessment.

There are two options:

  • Option 1 – An upfront set-up of systems by way of integration and compatibility testing to have all systems ready for the switch over when the need arises. Advisors will be trained and ready to start serving your customers as soon as you have to close your contact centre. This option requires a monthly retainer to keep Digicall on standby.
  • Option 2 – Once the emergency arises in your contact centre, Digicall will train their advisors and integrate systems. Any delays will depend on the level of integration required, the training of the advisors and the size of the team needed to fulfil the service. This option is charged on a pay per use model but is the more expensive option.
  1. How much does it cost? 

As described above, it is based on a case by case assessment of the business services to be fulfilled and as per the options which are chosen by the clients.

It generally works on a fee per call or a fee per seat, plus additional disbursement costs such as infrastructure required a specific campaign (if relevant).

  1. Is the turnaround time determined by the size of the business and contact centre? 

The turnaround time is dependent on the complexity of services required by the client. For a basic contact centre service, turnaround time will be around 4 hours if prior training of advisors has been completed and if systems are already integrated and set up. If the service requires just the taking and forwarding of calls or providing basic services requiring no integration, then the set up time will take a few hours. If call volumes are high, there may be a need to recruit and train additional advisors. It took Digicall one week to hire 450 advisors for a UK client. Digicall can also work with a combination of Digicall advisors and the client’s team.


  1. How will my data be transferred securely? 

Digicall deals with major banks and top insurers, and has already completed extensive due diligence audits to ensure that our client’s data is securely transferred and managed.


  1. How will you access our system / CRM? 

Numerous options are used, and they are based on the compatibility of Digicall’s and the client’s systems, either through integration, a cloud-based solution or data dumps.

Industry realities:

  • Staff members might be reluctant to return to work after there has been an infection in a contact centre, which could potentially affect your service levels.
  • Several contact centres have had to temporarily close in the last 30 days, due to a team member testing positive for Covid-19.


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