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Benchmark your Marketing

The survey is used to gather important information and feedback about your business. The results of the survey can be used to:

Gain a better understanding of the businesses needs

Evaluate the effectiveness of their current marketing efforts

Identify areas for improvement in marketing strategy

    1. How satisfied are you with your current digital marketing efforts?

    1.Not satisfied at all2.Satisfied but not happy3.Happy4.Very Happy5.Can’t run my business without them

    2. How familiar are you with the mining and mineral supply chain industry?

    3. What are your main pain points when working with marketing or digital agencies?

    4. What specific services do you require from a marketing or digital agency that you do not currently receive?

    1.Website2.PR3.Internal Communication4.Social Media5.All of the above

    5. What additional services would you be willing to pay more for in a marketing or digital agency?

    6. What are you currently paying for your marketing agency’s services?

    7. What is your company website address?

    8. How are you currently generating leads for your business?

    9. Are you interested in expanding your mining business into new market segments?

    10. How do you measure the ROI of digital marketing?

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