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Battery Power Industries (BPI) originated as the Technology division of local consulting engineering firm, Thuthukani Engineering Solutions. For five years, Electrical Systems Engineer, Calvin Coetzee, had been working toward the creation of locally developed advanced electric drive systems for mining vehicles as well as battery and charging systems. The incredible advancements that were being made were not being publicised in any form for fear of their technology being appropriated or imitated by competitors.  

The Oxigen Solutions

Based on extensive experience within the mining industry, the Oxigen team immediately recognised the potential of this technology and started working on a plan to showcase Calvin’s achievements in a way that he and Thuthukani would be comfortable with. 

Oxigen worked closely with the Thuthukani team to conceptualise a press release that would highlight the advancements being made by Calvin and his team without revealing proprietary information or the details of mining operations that were testing the technology under non-disclosure agreements.  

The press release was sent out to a very short list of focused and strategically chosen media outlets but within 24 hours, the news went global. 

It caught the attention of several potential investors including the DTI and IDC who both approached Calvin with offers to fund further research and the set-up of a new company. Less than a year later, BPI was born. 

Oxigen was responsible for creating all BPI branding and collateral and handled the media announcement of the firm’s launch.  

All of BPI’s products are designed and manufactured in South Africa, by local engineers for the South African mining industry. This key point was showcased extensively on LinkedIn and in the media, and resulted in BPI being approached by new clients and partners seeking to collaborate with them, ensuring BPI’s growth.  

This has led to the commercial roll-out of electric hauler systems, electric personnel carriers, and electric low profile load haul and dump machines.