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TLT-Turbo, a global manufacturer of mining and industrial ventilation products was marketing its products in Southern Africa via two local entities. The global presence of TLT-Turbo not being efficiently leveraged by marketing these two entities separately and TLT-Turbo brand was not spearheading marketing and sales activities.  

The Oxigen Solutions

Oxigen was initially signed on to provide monthly PR and social media marketing services to the two separate local entities. In the course of producing a 12 month strategy for these two companies, a problem with long term commercial viability was picked up. 

Oxigen presented a brand architecture proposal to TLT-Turbo global and recommended that the two separate entities be consolidated from a market facing point of view and rebranded as TLT-Turbo Africa. 

Oxigen handled the full roll out and implementation of the re-brand across all platforms including web, brand collateral, domains and hosting and the establishing of new social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

To ensure buy-in from all stakeholders, Oxigen also ran an internal communications campaign to ensure a smooth transition to the new brand. This helped overcome the challenge of facing change among employees working with two legacy brands. 

The final rollout was done as a co-ordinated event with the website, social media profiles and PR announcement all going live simultaneously after 4 months and over 100 labour hours of planning and development. 

Within 6 months, the TLT-Turbo Africa name had been entrenched in the market and this was reflected in increased sales. TLT-Turbo global recognised the positive results of the re-brand and consolidation and subsequently signed Oxigen on to roll this out in all regions globally as a means of increasing brand equity and upping sales in a highly competitive environment.