We’re Apart but You’re Not Alone Says Mosaic Funeral Group

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As a by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown rules, distanced grief is being experienced around the world – and it’s not healthy. We need to start looking at online platforms to deal with this as we have for so many other aspects of our lives, says Mosaic Funeral Group. We need to reach out to those suffering the loss of a loved one and remind them that we can still grieve together even if we are physically apart.  

Mosaic Funeral Group today announced the launch of their #GrievingAloneTogether campaign. They are encouraging people to reach out on social media to share their stories of bereavement to find support in the larger online community of people going through the same thing. Along with this Mosaic Funeral Group will also be providing online resources to help people move past the death of a loved one as we all face unprecedented uncertainty.

Throughout human history, the coming together of people to collectively mourn the death of a loved one has allowed people to grieve, gain closure and to start moving through the stages of grief toward acceptance – a huge component of mental health for bereaved people.  The novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted much-needed mourning rituals as restrictions have been placed on gatherings as a means of slowing the spread of the virus.

These regulations have led funeral homes to change the way that they provide services, and this has resulted in a devastating shift in the way people grieve.  “Whether facing death due to the coronavirus or because of other causes, the lockdown has created thousands of mourners who are grieving alone,” says Ramon Collins, spokesperson for Mosaic Funeral Group. “Coming together after a death and getting the support of others is so important for mental well-being,” he says. “Even something as small as a hug can’t happen right now and there is a worry about how this will affect people emotionally and mentally in the long term.”

“Grief is isolating and lonely to begin with and now under quarantine and lockdown, we know it is that much harder. Mosaic Funeral Group have stated time and again that we are committed to putting the pieces together and we have been exploring ways to show support to everyone out there grieving alone. In times of crisis it becomes even more important to connect – and we have turned our focus to electronic platforms that can help make this connection happen,” says Collins.

In the coming weeks Mosaic Funeral Group will be providing online resources and information on the five stages of grief and bereavement support. They will be exploring these steps in detail to help people understand them with accompanying online resources and support. Along with this, to help people feel connected, they have encouraged people to share their stories of loss and mourning on social media using the hashtag #GrievingAloneTogether.

By collecting all of these stories together under one hashtag Collins says that people will be able to easily find and view them online. “The hope is that they will find comfort by relating to what others are going through. The way we grieve has changed but in this we need to remember that because of modern technology you do not have to feel or be alone.”


For more information, visit www.mosaicfunerals.co.za or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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